This depends on the language combination(s), quantity of work involved and delivery time. The easiest way to find out exactly how much a specific job will cost is to use our free on-line quotation service. Answers are usually given within the hour. To provide you with an exact price all we need is a sample of the text to be translated, which languages are involved, the total number of words in the document and the date by which you need the work completed.

Yes. Basically, the bigger the translation, the lower the base price will be. Our word processors calculate the total number of words in a document and discounts are greater for longer texts. We can also develop very competitive conditions for ongoing work.

A bilingual translator whose mother tongue is the target language.

Our translators are highly experienced and can deal with any translation. In addition, to ensure complete accuracy, we also provide a specialist proofreading service.

By all means. We welcome client involvement, especially when clients are familiar with the specialist vocabulary in question. Very often, your experience and knowledge will be invaluable.

E-mail, fax or post. Whichever is most convenient for you. However, it is always advisable to send documents in electronic format.

Yes, we do. However, don`t forget that we will need the original document to which the translation and certification will be attached. If it`s a document that you wish to preserve, we can first make an autenticated copy for use in the certification.

You can pay by cheque, or bank transfer. Payment must be received before we can send you the completed work. Established clients can also be invoiced at the end of every month.