What is a certified translation?

There are various reasons why you may need a translation certified. This is often necessary when legal documents such as birth or marriage certificates are translated or documents are intended for official use.

At GT Traduções, we offer different options for certified translations.


1. Notary certification

Notary translation can be used for most purposes in Portugal. This is especially the case with birth and marriage certificates and similar documents. This process can also be used for translations requiring certification both into Portuguese as well as other languages. Certification issued by the notary is in Portuguese but when the certified translation is for use in other countries, we include one extra page in the target language. In other words, when the document reaches the destination country, they’ll be able to understand both the certification process as well as the translation. This service is included in all our notarised translations at no extra cost.


2. Apostille

Certain certified translations may also require an Apostille. This involves first notarizing your translation, as explained above, then our translator takes the documents to the Portuguese Attorney General of the Republic (Procuradoria-Geral da República) which places the Apostille on the notarized translation.

We can also provide this service. Please contact us for a quote of the costs involved.


3. Official translations for the UK and other English speaking countries

We also provide translations which are certified through our membership of the Chartered Institute of Linguists. This is the UK’s leading translation body working to ensure the highest standards in the industry. If you need a translation of a document for official purposes, such as a passport application, diplomas or qualifications for job applications we can provide the certification you need.


4. Our own certification

You may just need a simple independent certification saying that the translation was carried out by a professional translator. We can issue a declaration confirming that the translation is complete and accurate and place our company stamp and signature.